via Daily Prompt: Dancing

Hey lovelies! It’s me again . So today im going to talk about dancing. I know that there are a lot of people out there who can dance , like can really really dance that sometimes they amazed me so much, like how can a 4 year old dance better than i can?

Dancing was and still is my passion but i rarely dance nowadays because there are a lot of works to do and i don’t have time for them (i really hope i’ll have time to dance again like before though). I started to dance when i was just a tiny baby (my mom told me that i was born to be a dancer hahah) . As i grew up, i had participated in various of competitions until i stopped doing them when i was 12 years old.


When i am stressed or i just felt like i wanted to, i’ll dance it all away. I tend to forget about the things around me or the things that have been bothering me . Dancing also make me feel more relaxed and calm but as i grew up, a lot of things have been catching up to me . Sometimes , i thought to myself, “why don’t i be a dance teacher or a choreographer?” but you know, i am NOT that talented like those kids out there. So, i gave up.

But this year, I started dancing again and my teacher offered to be a part of the dance team so i can participate in the competitions and i am still deciding whether i should accept that offer or not. What do you think?

Dancing is also good for our health. One of the reasons that i could maintain my weight is by dancing so i am actually encouraging those who’d want to lose a few pounds, try dancing and you’ll see 🙂

That’s all for today. Bye!



I guess it’s kinda weird to start a blog without any knowledge about it but i am just gonna go into it.

to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it.

What does inspiration means to me , you might ask. Well to me, inspiration means something that you find really interesting and it/they make you feel like you’d want to do the same thing. They are probably about making something extraordinary or out of the line in your life and I gotta say, only half of the human populations (wow lmao) have the guts to do it.

As an example – me. I had a rough past. They made me to be someone that i don’t even want which is a person who is afraid of sharing her thoughts to the world and a timid one that is. I can never be like my sisters, they are more outspoken and they have more friends than me One day, I found an instagram account about a woman and i told myself “hey, i want to be like her,” and BAM! I finally have the courage to do something that I have never do in my life ; creating a blog and post about the things that I feel interesting. I admit it, it’s kind of hard since I know nothing about them but those successful people out there started as a human that knows nothing but with hopes & dreams, they made it. So why can’t I/You be like that too?

Don’t ever be afraid of doing something that you really want, even if you think that it’s out of your line or some ignorant people (no offense) told you that it is impossible but guess what? IMPOSSIBLE ; im;possible . Get it? I know i know it’s cliche af but whatever. They don’t know what will happen in your life even if they can see or predict your future because only you (or God) can change it. So go and change them by doing what your heart wants. Plus some hardworks and failures in them and you’ll get what you want.

Sometimes, yes, you will feel burdened or giving up because your dreams seems like they won’t come true but don’t take them as a sign for you to stop, take it as sign for you to push your limits harder. So, i’m giving you some tips on how to find inspiration or inspired :

Go on your social account and open your eyes widely. Find an account that will make you say “Woah, i want that,” or “Yup, this is it,” and start to do what she/he does but in your own way. (don’t forget to be yourself because it is more interesting rather than being someone else)
Create a tumblr or pinterest account. I know, tumblr and pinterest? so lame *roll eyes* but guess what, they can make you feel inspired too ! They have pictures and stories about people all over the world. Search what you think the best and try it out.
Watch youtube. Search on famous youtubers nowadays ; zoella, katherine, mylifeaseva, vivvy yusof and all that. Watch a couple of their videos and watch carefully on how their life changes. Their hardworks and all that will surely make you feel like you gotta do something in your life.
Last but not least, Google. Do not google something that’s not important or plain stupid (like i always do) but search on how to people change their life. Read their stories and feel inspireD.

well, not all stories are real but just believe that they are real. It is easier that way but keep in mind that don’t be so obsessed that will make you look so desperate or anything. I’m sure that all of us doesn’t want that right?

So, that’s all for today 🙂 bye!

First blog post

umm, well hello. This is actually my very first blog/post that i am doing and well, i guess i am still a newbie at this but let’s just start. My real name is Sarah but you can just address me as saera since i like this name better. I was born in 2002 so just calculate the numbers to know my real age (don’t if you’re lazy haha). I like/love doing arts and design. I also love to do interior designs because I like seeing things clean and kinda tumblrish (?). I actually wanted to do a youtube channel but I am so shy it’s actually hard to do it. One thing about me, I like to ramble A LOT so if you don’t like it, just skip it okay? I love pastel colors. They make me feel really calm. Sometimes I experience depressions and anxiety but they’re not that bad,,i guess. I love it when people give me their attentions but not that much or i will be really awkward hahah (like i am now). I have one bestfriend but a lot of friends. I know Japan, english and also Malay so feel free to comment or ask in them too. So, that’s all for now, goodbye!  p/s :pls comment or give me some opinion on what should i do and all that 🙂